juin 22, 2017

L'Enfer is Clouzot's eternal regret. His movie, which nobody will ever see will remain unfinished *.
A huge budget for a cursed film. 13 hours of film and 185 boxes of images were found and beautiful clips in color and in black and white were discovered. In 1964, Clouzot soared in cinematic art with perfection.
Romy Schneider strips naked, covers her face with oil and glitter and paints her lips blue. The actress was 26 years old during filming. While she was known to the public as the innoncent Sissi who already worked with Welles, De Sissa and Visconti, she was for Clouzot, at this moment, Odette: a sensual seductress.
L'Enfer, is the story of a man and his wife. Just married, they start managing a small french hotel – These are the first pages of the script. It's a banal story of a couple but the director chose to experiment a new way to process images to represent jealousy. In the 60's, pop art and electronic music were trendy and that's why Clouzot decided to film with a new cinematographic esthetic.
*Unfortunately, the movie could not be completed due to Clouzot's health problems