FI with Louise Ebel

Blogger Louise Ebel, aka Miss Pandora came to the showroom FI to discover exclusively the future Fall Winter 16/17 collection. We took the opportunity to ask her a few questions.

How would you describe yourself Louise ?
Oh, you should probably ask my friends! I’m a virgo (a crazy virgo for sure) with scorpio rising, that’s all that I can say!

What passionate you about the courtesans ?
They are the only amazones of a period in which women were not a big deal. They are raw, spicy, funny, flamboyant, vulgar and their lives are, for the apprentice writers like me, a bliss because there’s a lot to say! Do not think that they had a princess’s life like we see today, because theirs were basically hard and under the false luxury and prostitution it’s quite gritty and dirty and raw. It’s fascinating to study in every way.

For you, who would be the courtisans today ?
I would like to say the groupies, but not exactly that because there were in the 60’s/70’s and still today some supergroupies who are kinda the rock n’roll world’s courtisans, but finally while reading their testimonials I’m often shocked to find them unworthy of that title… they totally allowed others to mistreat them! Of course there are the amazones, inspiring and strong women like Marianne Faithfull or Anita Pallenberg, artists like Vali Myers, but they never really needed men, did they? So, I don’t really know, the courtisans belonged exclusively to the Belle Epoque in my opinion.

You wrote a diploma thesis about the image of women in the second half of the 19th century, when do you publish it ?
Hm I don’t know. I had a proposition from one of the biggest publishing house in France, but I felt that they wanted to make my book too present and I didn’t want to make concessions because I want to write about history and not write a modern social book or a fashion book. I’m not really actively on the lookout to publish, I will wait and we shall see! Anyways I don’t have much time to write today unfortunately… Maybe if I go out less but I value my freedom so much!

You also write for Marie-Claire Japan and you are a TV host for a Japanese show. Do you speak Japanese a little bit ?
Unfortunately I don’t speak Japanese yet because I’m kinda lazy, but I look forward to learn it! So everything started about 4 years ago I think (I have an abstract notion of time!), they contacted me through my blog and I found myself writing articles about Paris and stories for Marie-Claire Japan, then the magazine developed this TV show about fashion for the national broadcast (Nippon TV) on an early morning show watched by millions of Japanese people. It’s amazing, I travel to Japan, sometimes for parties sometimes for photo shoots, in short it’s the absolute dream. I’m so happy to have this opportunity to discover this fascinating country and to have a sort of second life there…

What do you like about Fête Impériale ?
First of all the brand name in itself totally sparked my interest! I immediately knew that it meant that I would meet cultured people who had similar references as me… which is rare in the fashion world! FI mixes past and contemporary cultures and I recognize myself in it. The connection with music is important as well because I never talk about it on my blog but it’s a big part of my life. Music is my everyday much more than fashion.

A movie, a book, a painting ?
That’s a question which is super complicated for me and people tend to always ask that, I feel that my tastes are very large. I am going to mention three which have a lot of sentimental value : Gilda by Charles Vidor, Une Femme by Anne Delbée and Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.


A place to party ?
Pigalle, always. My home is the Pigalle Country Club, I am a regular client and it’s highly decadent, I forget everything, I do everything I want, nothing else matters when I am there ! So, I kind of want this place to remain secret…but I can’t help but talk about it ! I also go to Bus Palladium because a lot of my friends go there and some cool gigs during the week (including La Relève parties), sometimes, I go to the Glass and to the Dirty Dick and when I go outside Pigalle, it’s to check out special concerts in small bars.

Which songs to dance to ?
Everything as long as it’s music I like, it’s a source of misunderstanding in my life because I love to dance but I can not force myself, also when the music is lame I dont want to dance because it would just be mechanical. People keep saying “release yourself” and it annoys me because I’m not being uptight…I just can’t do it ! More precisely, to dance Glam Rock it’s always good, like “Metal Guru” by T Rex it’s perfect, and to dance like a bacchante, I like psychedelic and rock from the end of the 60s or current bands like The Warlocks, King Gizzard or The Black Angels.

What would be your perfect cocktail recipe ?
Actually, I’ve already invented it : a glass of vodka, some ice cubes and one pill of Guronzan. It’s my cocktail to start off a party. Disgusting but effective !

What are your 2016’s resolutions ?
Never force myself to do anything, always be sincere in my behaviour, my choices, my refusals. Never yield to conventions that bother me on a daily basis, no matter what people think.