FI with Eloïse Opryszko

She is the face of our Première Collection and will continue the adventure with us next summer. FI hasn’t just chosen her for her feline features: Eloise Opryszko lives in her leather jacket, loves Maupassant, dancing to disco music and champagne.

How did you get into modeling ?
I am a model since 3 years, I was scouted on the street and after that, I participated in the Elite contest. I didn’t make it to the final but it led to me being picked up by an agency. It started that way; an agency in Lille and another in Paris. Now, I am working in Europe and all over the world. I love my job and travelling.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us about your work ?
There is this «princess» thing that I loved doing. I did a shooting in Sweden on a ranch in the countryside where I rode sidesaddle on a horse…wearing a long dress! (laughs) It was a surreal experience.

How did you react when you saw the FI posters on the street ?
So, first of all, I adore Fête Imperiale’s photos and many of my friends do too, for the look and the lifestyle universe around the brand. I loved taking selfies in front of Fête Impériale’s advertising posters (laughs)

Do you party a lot ?
Not that much! I’d rather go for a cozy and relaxing aperitif with friends. I go out a little more abroad when I’m with my girlfriends…listening to good music.

Which songs do you like to dance to ?
I like disco music! The Bee Gees, that really makes me dance.

What’s your party drink ?
Gin Fizz, Martini Bianco, I hate Rhum and I love champagne.

What item of clothing from your wardrobe could you not live without ?
My leather biker jacket.

What are your plans for the future ?
I head out tomorrow to South Africa, then I go to New York in March for 3 or 4 months to work.

What will you do after modeling ?
I would like to resume my Literature studies to become an editor. Or maybe become a florist but I think it’s more like a dream or a passion !

Let’s talk about your passion for literature…
I love reading; I know it’s pretty basic. I love to immerse myself in a universe, discovering new things and new stories. I prefer novels. I think that the book needs to stay and last in time and I like immersing myself in that process.

Who is your favorite author ?
So, since I learned to love reading, I would say Maupassant. I am very traditional but I also follow the literary news. I subscribed to the literary magazine to discover lots of authors. At the moment, I’m reading a book by Irene Nemirovsky called « The solitude of wine ». I recently read « Au revoir là-haut », which won the Goncourt. Martin Amis too « La Zone d’Intérêt » which is controversial novel. I take the time to read and it’s such a pleasure. I am fortunate to have the time for it. I do a job that requires a lot of waiting.

A novel ?
I’m repeating myself, but it’s Maupassant, again. « Bel Ami » meant a lot to me, I’ve read it so many times and I can’t get tired of it. The first novels you read are often those that mark you the most.