FI with Fahren Feingold

Impressionism, splashes of color, blurry shapes and sensuality emanate from her work.  American artist, Fahren Feingold captures the essence and beauty of the feminine form in her paintings. FI met with her.

Who are you, Fahren Feingold ?
This is a big question… I’m a girl who lives in downtown Los Angeles, California. I love fashion, art, my family, my dog, my friends.
I used to be fashion designer, but I have returned to art.

How long have you been an illustrator ?
I studied illustration at Parson School of Design, but I’ve been drawing and painting all my life.



What really inspires you ? Can you tell us more about your passion for fashion ?
I think that true style comes from within. It’s an ability to put things together, creating a look –and then having the confidence to wear it. Whether it may be jeans and a tee, or a ridiculous dress –when you know you look sick, then others feel that beaming from you. Otherwise, don’t bother walking out the door.
A woman with style exudes beauty, sex and quiet power. The art of fashion has always been exciting because it revolves around capturing this.

Who are these people you paint ?
I paint women partially or fully nude. I look for something that draws me in: a figure, a pose, a look, sometimes it’s something indescribable. I think the female figure is a work of art and each one is unique, I try to express this with color and mood in my art.

If you had to choose a celebrity as a muse…
I don’t really look to celebrities. But I love the photos that Ali Michael has been in, I think there is something hidden in her beauty.

What music would be the soundtrack to your art ?
I love listening to djs on kcrw, they always have new music and I get bored by listening to the same playlist too many times.

What is your favorite place to create ?
In my downtown loft, with my pug.

What are your plans for the future ?
You will just have to follow my instagram to see… xx